What is ​the modern television and modern viewer

And how we with VisionLink makes traditional broadcasting a cutting edge platform for communication with viewers! 

Just a few years ago families used to quarrel about the choice of the channel. The first one who caught the remote controller automatically became the boss. Broadcasters used to fight for viewers trying to raise ratings. Advertisers used to allocate enormous budgets on TV

The fight is still going on but on a new stage. The Internet changed the game rules: now everyone is the boss of the remote controller, each has a smartphone, the channels expanded coverage globally, viewers became even more demanding because they can now choose from thousands of channels and various sources worldwide

TV audience dives into various content and watch only that what they like

If you make a visit to young people, you will hardly see a TV set in the living room. This thriving audience has no TV for your signal. Millennials do not even plan to buy one – they have grown up with a smartphone in hands. It replaces everything.

Advertisers pay more and more attention to digital technologies.

A no name blogger can get million views for a night, a solid channel can lose its reputation in a day. Thus along with increasing the audience, we face challenges of maintaining viewers’ loyalty and developing the channel.

How TV channels adapt to the digital world

YouTube Live streams

A lot of companies have made their first steps implementing YouTube broadcasts, entered to OTT services and developed mobile apps.

But how do they deal with the challenges of customer loyalty? YouTube or Facebook streams can end up being canceled tomorrow if the platform decides we are showing something wrong. The platform takes our audience and sells to advertisers. It advises other TV channels, our competitors. Is that really a road to customer loyalty?

OTT platforms

OTT services for smart TVs and smart devices make a great set for additional coverage but also offer hundreds of other channels. They take the leadership to recommend viewers what to see and sell ads. We only generate content. We lose our ruling position having no idea of what’s going on. The loyalty goes to the service – not our channel.

Current APPs – as usual, is a copy of WEB site

Apps better build customer loyalty because the viewer intended to install it. The problem is that the most of the apps on the market still lag behind. Often they just duplicate the website in a mobile version. The technologies offer way more today! Such website-copy apps miss brilliant opportunities. What’s the use to install an app without valuable features then?

The main and crucial problem of traditional TV is One-way communication

The major opportunity which is missed now in all three methods mentioned above is the two-way communication. Dozens of years people see us – but we do not see them. We don’t know who and when watches our channel, we cannot talk to the viewer, remind of the program coming soon etc.

That why we are debeloping VisionLink.

Exactly communication that is the basis of our interactive media platform VisionLink. Because loyal audience come from a community with mutual interests and opinions, and loyal communities can be build only through communication. We offer special features to raise the viewer’s interest and comfort of communication.

VisionLink features

Create your loyal community with VisionLink

Social distance stayed in the past. Now, sitting at home and watching a match of a favorite team viewer is not longer just a viewer.
They become commentators – heard and listened to by millions of people in real time.  They can recommend programs or shows. Everyone becomes a valuable community member. They do not need to wait until tomorrow to discuss yesterday’s match with colleagues who may have no interest in football. They can do it here and now.

What the TV channel gets with VisionLink

* Valuable community an opportunity to communicate with it.
* Access to new audiences worldwide including young people who do not bother to own a TV.
* New advertising opportunities – even the simplest poll can show hidden ads.
* You can see our viewer. Know their age, names, where they live and what they love and hate to see. This opens new opportunities to work with advertisers and can powerfully impact the idea of the content choice.

What the viewers get

* Push notifications to remind of important news or programs.
* Voting for the favorite player or a show hero.
*Choice of the camera (angle of view) in the studio or in the arena to watch the show in a unique way chosen by the specific viewer.
* Chat / argue with other viewers.
* Call studio from a smartphone.
* Get in a live stream.
* Influence on the program through votes and discussions.

Interactive TV in Digital World